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Remote Workforce Solutions

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Advanced Business Systems in Telecom & Cloud

Today’s companies are forced to look at Business in new ways for remote workforce and business continuity .  Leveraging strategic security, remote access, and hybrid cloud designs allow  business employees to have mobile phone , tablet or PC access to business critical assets. 


 Remote workforce more than ever brings a migration to the Cloud or an Integrated Telecom/data solution to the forefront of your business.  Partner with ABS Telecom LLC, a network engineering company founded in 2006, we have the experience and access to the right providers to meet your business requirements. 


Each of our 100+ Providers has a focus on just their products .   ABS Engineering keeps up to date by always doing continuing education . That is how we can prescribe  which provider does each piece of a comprehensive  design to meet the business needs.  

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6505 West Park Boulevard

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Plano Tx 75093